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Buying Fresh Meat and Poultry vs. Frozen

Buying Fresh Meat and Poultry vs. Frozen

filet mignon frozen vs. fresh

Once you receive meat and poultry products from your food supplier, how long you hold before selling the products to your customers is decided by you and your food staff. Do you store products in the cooler or in the freezer? Well, either way is fine, it is really a preference and equipment decision. Many say that freezing meat products causes the product to lose the flavor. The truth of the matter is that freezing and thawing products properly give the meat or poultry product just about the same flavor as fresh. The speed at which something is frozen changes the amount of ice crystals that are created inside the cells of the product. By slow freezing your meat and chicken products it will greatly decrease the amount of large crystals versus quick freezing which will create a large number of small crystals on your products. Ice crystals damage the cell walls inside of your meat and poultry products and it can ruin the nature texture as well as flavoring in the natural juices. This normally occurs while the product is thawing. At NorthBourne Foods we store our fresh and frozen products in state-of-the-art, multi-million dollar facility that is regularly checked by the USDA and staff to make sure products are at their best. Buying from us assures that everything that needs to be done to protect your protect and shelf life is adhered to.

As you know, in in the food business, the margins are small so all the way through the supply chain businesses depend on high yield, maximum returns, and return customers. Many restaurants freeze their meat and poultry products simply to extend shelf life of the product especially if they have bought great products in bulk and lower prices than normal. Another reason why some restaurants freeze products is to minimize the risk of running out of their signature center of the plate products. Red meat can be frozen for months without spoiling.

To recap, some advantages for freezing raw meat and poultry including minimal preparation, quality of the meat is retained longer, as compared to freezing cooked meat or poultry, food budget eased when grocery store specials are used to stock up on favorite cuts, pre-portioned and trimmed meats save preparation time later, and food is on-hand for last minute changes in meal preparation, freezing stops the growth of bacteria and molds.

Whoever is in charge of buying meat and poultry products for your business should know how much meat or poultry to buy which depends on if your freezer has the available space, how quickly your restaurant or food truck moves the products being purchased, the budget, and freezer capabilities.

The bottom line is that you can get great results out of frozen products if you know how to freeze properly, thaw properly, prepare and price to sell accordingly. Contact NorthBourne Foods at 1-888-983-2618 for information about buying any fresh or frozen meat or chicken products.

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