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Cypress Texas

The Cypress Texas NorthBourne Foods Chicken and Beef SupplierCypress Texas ranks 50th in the top 100 highest-income urban areas in the United States. Cypress Texas is twenty four miles northwest of Downtown Houston. Cypress is a thriving, hip city with a country flair. Cypress Texas offers something for everyone including great shopping at the Houston Premium Outlets or a variety of foods from foods trucks at the beautiful Rose Hill Beer Garden. Cypress is also home to a large number of of small and chain restaurants, grocery stores and convenience stores.   NorthBourne Foods provides a variety of products to many customers within the Cypress Texas area. NorthBourne Foods Poultry Supplier Beef Supplier

We are known for great chicken products including chicken wings and beef products including hamburger beef patties. We are a  company of choice for as a meat supplier. Call us now at 713-973-9595.

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