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Join the Movement to End Food Deserts and Unhealthy Foods

Join the Movement to End Food Deserts and Unhealthy Foods

NorthBourne Foods is a meat and produce supplier that focuses on reaching out to local communities in the state of Texas. Its goal is to work with local grocery stores, food trucks, restaurants, and a variety of schools to provide affordable options that will allow lower income communities access to higher quality food.
So many communities including food deserts across the country can’t afford healthy produce and quality meat products from their local grocery store and have to resort to fast food or frozen pre-made items injected with chemicals or hormones. NorthBourne Foods aims to make a change in these communities.
The concept of a food desert is quite simple; it’s a community that has very limited access to healthy, affordable foods. The people that live in these communities often end up purchasing unhealthy and cheap food at the local convenience stores and fast food restaurants. Painstaking, there are approximately 15 of these deserts in the Houston area alone. The good part is that there is a movement going on, and the exciting part is that we can help to solve this problem.

Join the movement to end food deserts.

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