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Katy Texas

Katy TexaKaty Texas Food Suppliers is is a suburb just west of Houston and has a population of 18,282 as of 2017. Katy is in Harris County and is one of the top places to live in Texas. Katy offers its residents a thriving community with a large home owner population and a multitude of thriving businesses. Katy Texas is also home of Katy Mills Mall and Typhoon Texas Water Park. From big retail to big industry, Katy has it all. In Katy there are many recreational areas and adventure. Public schools in Katy are highly rated statewide and nationally recognized. Both old and new Katy has a vast amount of food related businesses representing just about everywhere in the world. Katy Texas is definitely an International foodie spot. Katy Texas has something for everyone! NorthBourne Foods Restaurant Supplier

NorthBourne Foods has a thumbprint dead in the center of Katy. NorthBourne has a long history with the city of Katy and has served many of Katy’s restaurants, grocery stores, and corporate employee cafeterias since the Company started. NorthBourne Foods continues to be a choice supplier for the Katy area and  serves ground beef, hamburger patties, chicken wings and other chicken products, and a variety of other food items.

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