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beef being grinded 2017At NorthBourne Foods we pride ourselves on our spectacular selection of quality food products. We are one of the most proficient restaurant food providers headquartered in Houston Texas. We specialize in providing a full line of food products to restaurants, catering services, grocery stores, and other food related businesses. Here at NorthBourne Foods, we pride ourselves on having a uniquely diverse beef and poultry selection.


Chicken drumsticks

NorthBourne Foods holds all of its products to the highest industry standards and our meat and poultry and seafood products are no exception. We currently serve an outstanding line of products to our customers in Houston and San Antonio and great cities around Texas, Louisiana,  the Atlanta, Georgia area. We are known throughout the United States for our delicious selection of beef and chicken products along with a selection of seasonings and spices hand picked from around the world.


Our products are held to the highest quality standards possible because we know that your customers demand the best.

restaurant food productsWe would like to be your restaurant food providers and EARN your business. Please contact us with your request via email, via internet, or at (713) 973-9595 for service and specific pricing on your items today and feel free to take a look at our General Product List.

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