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Questions for NorthBourne FoodsFAQS :

Does NorthBourne Foods provide beef, chicken, and seasonings ?
Yes – we provide quality beef, chicken, and seasoning food products. We do this because we want to make sure that we always have the exact beef or chicken product that your business requires at excellent prices. In fact, if you are a regular customer your salesperson will make sure that he/she is always in front of your reorders.
Do you turn down small restaurants with unestablished credit and/or references?
No, we work with everyone.
Is there a minimum order requirement?
We have a small minimum order requirement.We work with all of our customers big and small in the areas we serve.

Can you serve individuals?
Yes, but there is a minimum order requirements and prices will be slightly higher at the retail level. However, our prices will always be fair no matter if you spend thousands of dollars with us a year or if you spend a few hundred dollars a year.
Do you sell products to other businesses other than restaurants and grocery stores?
Yes, we sell to any business. However, if your business does not possess a reseller certificate issued by the state of Texas then taxes will be applied at point of sale.
Can we order specialized cuts of beef or chicken products for our restaurant or grocery store?
No, we no longer offer specialized cuts for our products. However, later in the year we will offer Will Call pick up in our Houston and Atlanta locations on specialized cuts and orders.
Can you provide prime and sub-prime cuts?
Yes, we offer both options as well as retail packaging.

Quality Products, Fair Prices, and Excellent Service (QFE).

We would definitely like the opportunity to Earn your business and become your restaurant food supplier. Please contact us today to order your beef, chicken, or seasoning products. You can reach our friendly customer service to to get your account started or with questions through email, directly through our website (email or chat), or at (713) 973-9595.


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