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Will the Ebola Crisis Effect Worldwide Food Supplies ?

Will the Ebola Crisis Effect Worldwide Food Supplies ?

Will the Ebola Crisis effect worldwide Food Supplies?

By now most of us have taken the Ebola crisis seriously regardless of where we reside in the World. Some of us believe that the reported cases and the status of the crisis are being heightened by the media while others think that the governments worldwide are downplaying the actual threat of the virus. Various reports are stating that upwards of 8,000 or more people have been infected by the disease and that upwards of 4,000 people have died. One thing that those in the food logistics and production industries are thinking is how this will affect production, movement, and the trade of food worldwide. As stated from TIME (web article), The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is warning that food prices in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea – the three countries most stricken by the Ebola epidemic, are expected to rocket due to restricted movement throughout the afflicted regions (per Reuters). Food prices in the U.S. are high right now but can you envision 80% of your income normally going towards your food budget increasing dramatically due to the crisis locally in some of the areas within the highly affected regions. Families are spending a lot more to feed their families due to scarcity. In fact, as reported by Natural News (online article) West Africa’s state radio is reporting that quarantined individuals are even running out of food and are threatening to break out of isolated quarantines. This is indeed a disturbing human crisis. How does all this affect the movement of food and prices worldwide? So far, I have not read or heard any reliable sources of speculations that the Ebola is projected to have a real impact on food travel and pricing with exception to the regions being affected the most, which are in the continent of Africa. Locally, those farms are usually managed manually and are typically social according to the Desmoine Register. If you use the regions being hit the hardest as an indicator of how bad things could get worldwide if the epidemic spreads throughout other countries and communities within, then one could say that the toll would be devastating! This could cause famine and economic hardship in the virus’s path. Right now trade is primarily being interrupted in the most visible areas being affected by the virus.
We are praying for Africa, the World, solutions and solidarity towards the Ebola and other worldwide crisis.

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